Shipping Policy

Delivery service

we can, we care, worldwide

We can: send us your enquiry and we will feedback. For further clarification we will contact you to revise our offer. We care: we care of all the aspects: from design to post-sale service. We will assist from initial offer to detailed clarifications, to be sure you are purchasing what you are looking for. Worldwide: we ship worldwide in Europe or overseas. We pack the goods properly and ship them by trustworthy forwarders. Insurance to any risk is always included.

Transportation duration information:

Gulf Country : 20 – 25 days.
West European main port : 27 days
Felixstowe / Belfast / South Ampton : 40 days
Dublin : 35days
Western coast of America : about 18 days
Eastern coast of America : about 30 days
Other destination please email us to get our answer.



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